What Is an Instant Pot? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

We are sure that you already heard about this magical kitchen appliance named instapot. You can call it a versatile multi-cooker which can act as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and in many other ways. In addition to this, it occupies only a small corner of the kitchen and saves your money. This appliance is available with come preset functions which helps it to play multiple roles. There are few things that you must know to take advantage of Instant Pot a leading manufacturer of instapot.

Multiple brands are there in the markets which are into manufacturing of this product while Instant Pot is a reputed brand. There are various models of this brand with sizes ranging between 3 to 8 quarts. Some of them are technologically advanced and allow you in monitoring and controlling the Pot using the smartphone or even tablet. Some popular models are Instant Pot Nova Plus, Instant Pot Viva and Instant Pot Smart Bluetooth.

Many consumer wonders if cooking in this magical appliance will be good for health or not. Will food lose its food value when cooked by this pot? Pressure cooking supports heat to get distributed evenly all over and quickly.  So if you are cooking in it you don’t need to dip your frozen vegetables or meat into the water.  The pot generates enough and sufficient steam that will be required for cooking. The steam which will be surrounding the food will protect it from getting oxidized being under the exposure of air. The green vegetables when cooked will be served in the plate will look as green as they were when farm picked.  It will be retaining the natural flavors besides look.

Many are concerned about the prevailing stories related to pressure cooker exploding and want to know how powerful this Instant Pot in avoiding such accident is. The Instant Pot is empowered will multiple safety features which are designed particularly to ensure no such accident occurs and your taste buds remain satisfied with the food cooked using the appliance.  It has an automatic lid lock as well as lid detection which prevents users from opening the pot till the time the pressure is over completely.  The pressure cooker feature of this appliance allows heating of food to an extent where the temperature is much higher compared to the boiling point of water. This actually helps in killing almost all major harmful micro-organisms present in the raw food and makes it suitable to consume.

If you want to save your time and money besides enjoying healthy and tasty food then definitely instant pot will be the number one choice for you. We are not denying the fact that other brands too have quality pots manufactured by them. You need to make the required research on the available models of instapot by different brands before you finally end up buying one for your kitchen. So far Instant Pot models have a good reputation in the industry and managed to grab good stars review from consumers.